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Are you looking for a crossover roleplaying site? Have your favorite anime fanon characters come together! Write your own story if you wish! Come and join us and let your imagination go wild! Want more than Anime? No problem! Any character from any source can come together!


Like I said previously, this wiki is great for crossovers. Please answer the poll on this page so I can have an idea on how you valuable users want me to improve this wiki. Finally, this site wasn't just meant for rps, this site is meant for people to share their thoughts about all the different kinds of sources out there and help other wiki communities become popular.

Creating Pages

To create a character, go to contribute, and touch where it says create a page. Click on any of the page choices, except the top ten list, and make a title. To add an infobox, click edit, and type { twice, then a screen should pop up. Where it says, search for a template, type Character, and click on the one that says only character. Fill in the blanks in the next screen and you have made your infobox. If this does not work, then click this link and copy the infobox, and paste it to your page. Fill in necessary information.

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Special Pages What's so special about this you ask? It shows us that all wiki contributors from around the world is allowed to visit this site. There is absolutely no discrimination. I believe that all users of all kinds are welcomed into the community!